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​Undergraduate Student Research Projects

With proper support and mentorship, I was able to engage our undergradute students into completing advanced research projects, most of these were outside of any course.

  • Foreman, M., Frankenfield, L. Neuromorphic Computing, Fall 2018

  • Smith, M., Briggs, T. Offloading Signature-Based IDS Signature Matching to the GPU, Fall 2016.

  • Dederer, K, Briggs, T. Self-Stabilizing Flight Controller for UAV, Fall 2015.

  • Lowe, J, Briggs, T., Wellington, C. FPGA Software Defined Music Synthesizer, Fall 2013.

  • LaCroce, N, Schreiber, T, Briggs, T., Paulson, G., FlyEye2 - Biological Activity Monitor, Summer 2013.

  • Bishop, S, Briggs, T. Mobile License Plate Detection, Fall 2012.

  • Coler, C, Briggs, T. Automatic Separation of Audio Tracks, Fall 2012.

  • Hege, C, Briggs, T. Storage and Retrieval of Semantic Web Triples, Fall 2012.

  • Maxwell, J, Briggs, T. License Plate Detection and Recognition, Fall 2012.

  • DiDomenico, M, Briggs, T. Infrastructure Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks, Spring 2012.

  • Grove, A, Wellington, C, Briggs, T. Finding the Link Between Software Metrics and Code Fragility, Spring 2012.

  • McMullen, M, Briggs, T. MEX-SVM Updates, Spring 2012.

  • Diffenderfer, P, Briggs, T.  An Effective Network Application Library, Spring 2011.

  • Gaiman, M, Briggs, T. High-speed communication using McBSP, Spring 2011.

  • Blackman, P, Briggs, T. Using the Call Graph to Optimize Register Allocation, Spring 2008.

  • Chadwick, J, Briggs, T. Quantitatively Measuring Skin Color via Reflectivity of Multiple Light Frequencies, Spring 2008.

  • Clarke, B, Briggs, T. Accurate Wi-Fi Positioning Through a priori Signal Data Analysis, Spring 2008.

  • Devage, J, Briggs, T. Real-Time Procedural Generation of Geographically Fitting Cities, Spring 2008.

  • Foltz, J, Briggs, T. Analysis of the HEAR Algorithm, Spring 2008.

  • Gilbert, M, Briggs, T. Solving the Pole-Cart Problem in Real-Time, Spring 2008.

  • Henneberger, B., Briggs, T. Television Commercial Detection Techniques, Spring 2008.

  • Nowell, S, Briggs, T. Mining GPS Tracks for Physical Path Refinement, Spring 2008.

  • Thielemann, J. S., Briggs, T. Branchless Logic, Spring 2008.

  • Wilson, B, Briggs, T. Predicting Code Fragility using Software Metrics, Spring 2008.

​Graduate Thesis Supervision

  • Bai, Y., Admissions Web Phone, Advisors: Briggs, T., Wellington, C., 2002

  • Schultz, M., Clustering Records for Database Deduplication, Advisors: Briggs, T., Wellington, C. 2003

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